Does ExtenZe actually work?

Okay... I love my boyfriend very much. Our sex is good... I know he's attracted to me and I'm confident with him. But he's a bit small... and I really think that bothers him. I haven't told him that he's small or anything like that at all, I've tried boosting his confidence about it if anything.

We were watching tv one day and an ExtenZe commercial came on and I was trying to be smooth and I was like "ha, if I had a penis, I'd so try that to see if it works or if they were just lying." Just to see what his reaction was and he replied with "haha, yeah I'd like to try it!" So... I got the green light to buy it for him without it being an awkward gift of saying "hey honey, you're small, you obviously didn't get pinched to grown an inch on your birthdays"... but I want to know if actually works first. I mean, Valentine's day is coming up and I could spend 30 bucks towards something else as part of his present, ya know lol


Samantha Jo~


lol at dumping me... um if you pay attention to my question.. I'm not complaining. He doesn't feel secure about himself and I'm wanting to do something that will help his confidence. ;) If you're going to answer, please actually read. :P

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