List of games that a Nvidia 6150se (nForce 430) will run?

I know, a very BAD graphics card, not even made for gaming.

I'm planning on getting a Nvidia 9600gt.. But for now, I need something to play.

Games I have been playing lately on here have been games like RCT and TES:M.

I'm wondering, what other games will I be able to run with this card?

I would post my PC specs but it really doesn't matter since they are probably worse then the card itself, This PC is not meant for gaming... At all.

Also, as you can tell I'm not very good with all the computer tech and such.

Make sure not to tell me off too bad.



Nvidia GeForce 6150SE nForce 430

AMD Athlon (tm) Processor 2850e 1.8 GHz

eMachines wmcp78m Motherboard

DDR2 2048 MBytes

Didn't say anything else

Found out how terrible this pc is. eMachines definitely makes the lower budget pcs, huh?

Also, I couldn't really find everything with the program I'm using for this: CPU-Z.

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