Rainbow six Vegas 2 "General Protection Fault History:"?

Yesterday I got Rainbow six Vegas 2 on steam for my PC and it worked fine and i could login, but today i came on and tried to play with my friend so i clicked on the login tab on the menu and the game just crashes and when i tab out to my desktop i have a error that says "General Protection Fault History:" What is this and how can i fix it, i can play on single player fine but when i try to login all i get is that. I have tried using the "Verify Integrity Of Game Cache..." on steam and it says "3 Files have failed to validate and will be required". I have been looking online for a while now and cant seem to fine anything. Thank you for any help you have and I hope one of you know how to fix it because i don't know what else to do, thanks :)


I tried what it said on that website but my pc was already on those settings?

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